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Cartagena Guide: 50th Cartagena Film Festival 2010 starts on February 25th

Feb 22, 2010

Magazine An exciting time to visit Cartagena is during the Cartagena Film Festival or Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena . This year marks its 50th anniversary and it promises to be the best. The festival is considered to be the oldest Latin American film festival. The dates this year are February 25th through March 5th, 2010.

The festival showcases films from all over the world, highlighting Colombian television and Latin American films. Some of the categories included are: Short Films Competition, Documentary Competition, Women's Film Section, International Video Screening and New Talent. Some notable directors include Michael Haneke, Juan Jose Campanella, Jacques Audiard and Sam Mendes.

Actress Maribel Abello Banfi, Mario Sabato, who is a notable director of film and television and animator Thomas Wells will all be judging some of the film competitions.

Over the course of the festival several workshops will be offered. Video Art Creation, Film Criticism and Rewrtitng and Pitch of Documentaries are three that promise to be interesting and informative. Well known editors, professors and film makers have signed on to teach these workshops.

Every year the Cartagena Film Festival invites a Guest of Honor. This year Spain takes that rank with many of its well known film directors taking part.

Films are shown throughout Cartagena, both inside theaters and under the sky at open air screenings. Screening sights include Theatre Heredia, CineColombia, Multiplex Castellana as well as public places like Plaza Trinidad or Plaza Aduana.

The Grand Gala of the Cartagena Film Festival takes place February 25th at the Plaza de la Aduana, an historic outdoor area. Reggaeton artist, J Balvin will be participating as well vallenato artist Jorge Oñate. The Gala will be a treat for the ears of all music lovers. If you are a lover of movies plan to visit during late February for the most important Latin film festival, the Cartagena Film Festival. You will not be disappointed!

More information you will find on the festivals official homepage at www.festicinecartagena.org

Cartagena Guide: Music to the Traveler's Ear - Cartagena International Music Festival 2010

Jan 08, 2010

Travelog South America offers a rich experience for any traveler. This region’s variety of countries provides the tourist with a great selection of things to do and places to see. The picturesque city of Cartagena de Indias in Colombia is home to a number of exciting opportunities for every traveler. A new event that is capturing the eyes of travelers is La Cartagena Festival Internacional De Musica, or the Cartagena International Music Festival, which is held from January 9 until the 16th.

Begun in 2007 by Charles Wadsworth, Victor Salvi, and his wife Julia Salvi this festival has been held annually for four years. For the Salvis this music festival is a tool their organization, Fundación Salvi, uses to combat poverty and violence in Colombia. This festival started off simply using chamber music. The festival now, though, has added many new concerts and musical styles, including many performances by Colombian musicians. It seeks to raise the musical level in the country and raise a generation that makes music an important part of everyday life.

The tourist who takes part in this festival will surely be enriched by its program. Many activities are offered each day of the festival. Each day there is at least one concert. On some days, like Monday, January 11, there are many concerts. Featured in all of the concerts are a variety of artists and musicians. Some of the featured acts are Natalia Forero, the talented teenagers Lyon and Healy, and the Fundación Salvi. Other prominent features of the program are the exhibitions and special lectures. One notable lecture is “The Life of Mozart-The Years of Maturity”. All these events make for a memorable program.

In addition to the abundant daily features of the Festival’s program, the tourist can join in some of the highlights of the festival. The festival will include several lectures and other musical performances, such as the City of London Symphony, the Shanghai String Quartet, and pianist Stephen Prutsman.

Indeed, this festival is one that promises entertainment, excitement, and memories for a lifetime. With this festival you can make your Colombian vacation complete.

Cartagena Guide: Hay Festival Cartagena 2010

Jan 04, 2010

Culture and Nighlife

The Hay Festival of Literature and Arts originated in the small town of Hay-on-Wye in Wales, which is lovingly known as The Town of Books. After starting small, the Hay Festival grew rapidly and later festivals included live performances and film previews. The latest development is that the festival is now international with sister festivals taking place in various locations around the world, including Nairobi, Segovia and Cartagena de Indias in Colombia.

The 2010 Cartagena Hay Festival will run from the 28th to the 31st of January 2010. The festival will be the fifth of the series held in Cartagena and promises to feature an outstanding mix of local and international authors and artists, including Ian McEwan and Manu Dibango. Festival events will be held in various locales like the Plaza Aduana, the Theater Adolfo Mejia and the Plaza Santa Domingo and tickets can be purchased online at the festival's own website.

An associated event is the online National Short Story Competition that is organized especially for young adults of secondary, higher and further education levels across Colombia and the prizes for the best stories will be handed out during the festival. The festival is not only aimed at students, however, and adults and, where appropriate, children are also encouraged to attend.

Manu Dibango
Manu Dibango
Photo by Espace Michel Simon
Read full article: 'Hay Festival Cartagena 2010'

Cartagena Guide: Placido Domingo in Cartagena

Jul 13, 2009

Culture and Nighlife
Placido Domingo

Placido Domingo

Photo by Russell Hirshon
    Spanish tenor Placido Domingo will perform an open air concert on 5th of December 2009. The maestro will present his show with Grammy winning soprano singer Ana María Martínez as well as Cartagena's "Orquesta Sinfonica", conducted by Eugene Kohn. Location for this cultural highlight will be the "Camellón de los Mártires", in front of the clock tower (Torre del Reloj). The Cartagena event will be one of only 3 concerts of Domingos Latin American tour, covering as well Caracas and Lima. Tickets will be available at prices between 45 and 600 USD.

Cartagena Guide: New direct air connections Lima - Cartagena

Apr 14, 2009

News From April 29th LAN Peru will start a non stop flight from Lima to Cartagena. The new route will be operated two times per week using an Airbus A319 with a capacity of 144 passengers . The new route is focused to cover the high demand from South American tourists visiting Cartagena de Indias.

Since end of March national budget airline Easyfly offers direct connections between Cartagena and Bucaramanga with connections to Cúcuta. These flights operate three times a week offer an interesting alternative for travelers between Cartagena and Venezuela: Actual prices are around 40USD one-way.

Cartagena Guide: Cartagena expects 300.000 cruiseship passengers during upcoming season

Oct 02, 2008

News This week cruiseship season started with the arrival of Coral Princess, bringing exactly 2.874 visitors to Cartagena. Next ship to arrive will be Norwegian Pearl with 2500 passengers and more than 1000 crew members on 4th of October. During the season of 2008-2009 Cartagena expects 150 cruiseships with an overall of more than 300.000 visitors. The city of Cartagena welcomes the cruiseship tourism with very special attention: The recently founded "Comité de Cruceros del Distrito" (Cruiseship Board of the District) is directed by the mayor itself. The corporation takes care of the special needs of visitors arriving by cruiseships: Additional street cleaning, the banning of cars from Cartagenas Old Town as well as a bi-lingual tourism police should help Cartagena to present itself as the top cruise destination in the Caribbean.

Cartagena Guide: Cartagena on OpenStreetmap.org

Aug 07, 2008

Magazine OpenStreetMap.org is a free editable map made by volunteers around the world. Similar like Wikipedia the content is edited by thousands of users as a collective work. While commercial maps like googlemaps will take a long time to cover cities like Cartagena, OpenStreetMap's Cartagena map shows impressive progress: It's useble already, as you can see on our CaribeNet's Cartagena Map, which is feeded by OpenStreetmap.org.

Anyhow OpenStreetmap.org is work in progress: You are invited to be part of this work. If you know Cartagena you can register on the project site and help out with your knowledge: Editing street names, one-way-directions, squares, landmarks etc. If you are visiting Cartagena and carrying a GPS you might even upload coordinates, routes, tracks: Take your GPS with while discovering Cartagena to collect geodata information for further visitors. More information and detailed tutorials you can find on www.openstreetmap.org.

OpenStreetmap hosts dynamic information that might be used on handheld devices, embedded in webpages (as above) or third-party applications. Output even might be generated as PDF file to provide customized printable maps. CaribeNet's Cartagena map is based on OpenStreetmap.org information while we added a Hotel- and Restaurant navigator.

Some more examples on how to use OpenStreetmap.org:

Centro Cartagena as printable PDF
Bocagrande, Castillogrande, Laguito as printable PDF

Cartagena Guide: How much is a taxi?

May 22, 2008

Tips & Tricks for Travelers Taking a taxi is cheap in Cartagena, but not always: As there are no taximeters in Cartagena drivers charge based on an official table. Unfortunately drivers like to overcharge visitors though the fares are clearly defined in an offcial pricelist. Drivers are obliged to carry this "lista de precios", but they usually don't. There are some little tricks to avoid problems: The most important part is to understand pricing scheme while moving by taxi in Cartagena.

Read full article: 'How much is a taxi?'

Cartagena Guide: Daily flights between Fort Lauderdale and Cartagena

Mar 10, 2008

News Spirit Airlines announced daily flights between Fort Lauderdale and Cartagena, beginning on 8th of May 2008. Read below for detailedl press release.
Read full article: 'Daily flights between Fort Lauderdale and Cartagena'

Cartagena Guide: Homer Simpson meets Truffaut: Cartagena International Film Festival 2008

Feb 28, 2008

News From 29th of February until 7th of March Cartagena hosts the "Festival Internacional de Cine y TV de Cartagena". This years invited country is France, honoured with hommage to François Truffaut. Storyboard artist Lucas Gray will teach workshops about his work on the Simpsons movie and the national TV "Grammies" are to be hold on Plaza Aduana. Movies screened in the competition for "India Catalina" Awards show a wide range of Latinamerican and Spanish Cinema, including Colombian movie "Los actores del conflicto" by Lisandro Duque Naranjo.

One of the main attractions of the Cartagena Film Festival is its location: Visitors can attend open air screenings on Plaza Aduana, Plaza Trinidad and Plaza San Diego or watch movies surrounded by the wonderful athmosphere of Teatro Heredia, Hotel Santa Teresa or the Naval Museum. Free screenings are offered in popular neighbourhoods like Olaya Herrera, Las Gaviotas, El Socorro and Fredonia. Details you can find on the website of the festival: www.festicinecartagena.org

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